TRIFECTA Bundles | How to Use

Omega Factor Beyond Radiance Face Oil: Dispense 2-4 drops onto fingertips then "Pat and Press" into the face, neck and décolleté whenever skin feels dry, weathered, lackluster or when you want that extra radiant glow. 

* For environmental purposes we use a recyclable orifice reducer. We've left this easy to pull out if you prefer not using it. At first use you may find the product hard to dispense, this is because the bottle is full, as you use the product our highly efficacious blend of botanical oils will come out easier. 

Bionic Botanicals Restorative Muscle + Joint Body Balm: Dip into the thick velvety balm with your finger to scoop out a dime-size amount. Using your fingertips, warm the balm until it softens into our powerful proprietary oil blend, ready to sink deep into your skin to do its work. Apply in circular motion like a deep tissue massage for 2-5 minutes wherever muscles and joints are crying out for relief. Do not use on your face. 

Alpha Repair High Potency Body Oil: Apply generously and massage into areas of pain or discomfort for 2-5 minutes. Or simply enjoy the rich botanical blend of hydrating essential oils as they nourish your skin. Repeat as needed. Not for use on face.