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Welcome to Erthecode, a zero plastic brand created for those individuals who are looking for healthier alternatives than mainstream prescription solutions. The journey began when the Founder's wife had thyroid issues that were alleviated by high concentrations of plant extracts. Following that success, the husband & wife team addressed his crippling anxiety attacks, replacing daily doses of prescription anti-depressants with adaptogens and anti-inflammatory plant-based extracts. Realizing that once again the results were profound, they decided to create a brand that they wanted to share with the world, helping people to naturally address health issues centered on stress, inflammation, immunity and better sleep hygiene.

  • The Science Behind Erthecode: Merging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Innovation

    The personal wellness industry, from nutraceuticals to skincare, has long been scrutinized for its heavy reliance on man-made ingredients, including plastic packaging, raising serious concern about the contribution of environmental pollution, waste, and harm to the human endocrine system. Read the full article HERE.

  • Erthecode’s Pioneering Zero-Plastic Promise Shakes Health And Wellness Industry Foundations

    The plant-based nutraceutical longevity-focused wellness brand, is challenging industry conventions with its pioneering zero-plastic approach. HERE.

Erthecode and VetPaw Partnership

5% of every purchase is donated to VETPAW, a 501(c)(3) that empowers veterans to fight against poaching, endangered species extinction, and help support African communities.

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Our mission is to heal from the inside out, while making a meaningful and positive societal impact. Become an Erthercoder, your mind, body and Mother Earth will thank you.

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Made in the USA.

We do not add any Parabens, Petrochemicals or Phthalates.

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  • Sustainable Packaging

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