Gut Balance + Body Harmony + Super Natural


This daily must-have trifecta will balance your gut microbiome and keep your immunity super charged while constantly lowering bodily inflammation in order to maintain homeostasis (a state of balance).  ***To achieve optimal results, this should be a daily regimen, no different than showering or brushing your teeth because your gut health, immune system and physiological balance require daily maintenance. 

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How to use: 

Gut Balance: take (2) daily prior to first meal of the day with preferably water. (**please note, if you begin the regimen and your experience upset stomach for a several days, this is a completely normal occurrence as your gut biome resets and expels all unwanted and bad bacteria) 

Super Natural: take (1) capsule or full tincture dose with Gut Balance prior to first meal of the day with preferably water. 

Super Natural add-on: during times of high stress, sickness or when you’re just feeling “off”, take an additional 1 capsule or full tincture dropper-fulls with final meal of the day 

Immunity Warrior: take 1 capsule every night before bed. During times of high stress, sickness or feeling run down, add an additional 1-2 capsules before bed.